Witchblade is an American action-adventure, mystery and thriller television series created by Ralph Hemecker which was aired on TNT from June 12, 2001 to August 26, 2002, for a total of two seasons and 24 episode (including pilot). The series is based on the Witchblade comic book series, and followed a pilot film which debuted in August 2000. Some of the episodes were written by Ralph Hemecker, Marc Silvestri (who also wrote the comic book) and J.D. Zeik.

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  • Yancy Butler as Detective Sara "Pez" Pezzini
  • David Chokachi as Detective Jake McCartey
  • Anthony Cistaro as Kenneth Irons
  • Will Yun Lee as Det. Danny Woo
  • John Hensley as Gabriel Bowman
  • Eric Etebari as Ian Nottingham

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