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Wander Over Yonder is an American animated television series on Disney XD. Created by Craig McCracken, the series was originally aired on Disney Channel on August 16, 2013. The half-hour series finale titled "The End of the Galaxy" aired on June 27, 2016 on Disney XD.

Plot Edit

The series follows Wander, a nomadic and overly-optimistic intergalactic traveller and his best friend and steed, Sylvia the Zbornak, as they travel from planet to planet helping people to have fun and live free, despite the continuing encroachment of Lord Hater, one of the most powerful villains in the galaxy, and his army of Watchdogs.

Cast Edit

  • Jack McBrayer as Wander
  • April Winchell as Sylvia
  • Keith Ferguson as Lord Hater
  • Tom Kenny as Commander Peepers

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