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Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends is a television series mainly based around the railway engines that live on the Island of Sodor. The show is mainly about the title character, Thomas, a cheeky little blue tank engine with 6 small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler and a short stumpy dome. Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends takes place on the standard gauge North Western Railway, the narrow gauge Skarloey Railway and the 15-inch gauge Arlesdale Railway. The head of the North Western Railway is Sir Topham Hatt, by the engines and staff, the Skarloey Railway.

Cast Edit

  • George Carlin (US) (1984-1994), Michael Angelis (UK) (1994-1998), Alec Baldwin (US) (1998-2002) & Michael Brandon (US) (2003) as the Narrators
  • Ben Small as Thomas The Tank Engine, Thomas' Driver, The First Troublesome Truck, Bertie the Bus, Toby The Tram Engine, Toby's Driver, The Barber & Bill & Ben
  • Keith Wickham as Edward The Blue Engine, Henry The Green Engine, Gordon The Big Blue Engine, James The Red Engine, Percy The Small Green Engine, Sir Topham Hatt, The 5th Troublesome Truck, Edward's Driver, Henry's Driver, Gordon's Driver, James' Driver, Percy's Driver, The Ffarquhar Policeman, The Butler, The Vicar of Wellsworth, Duck The Great Western Engine, Duck's Driver, Diesel The Devious Diesel, Boco The Big Friendly Diesel, Toad The Brake Van, Bulgy The Double Decker Bus, Duke The Lost Narrow Gauge Tank-Tender Engine, Sir Handel The Narrow Gauge Saddle Tank Engine, Smudger, Skarloey The Narrow Gauge Saddle Tank Engine, Rusty The Narrow Gauge Diesel Engine, Class 40, The Crovan's Gate Policeman, The Dryaw Policeman, The Important Passenger, S.C. Ruffey, Cranky The Crane, The Second Lorry, Derek, Arry, Salty The Dockside Diesel, Harvey The Crane Engine, Kelly The Crane, Max, Ned, The Foreman, The Band Leader, The Fisherman, Spencer The Private Engine & Murdoch The Strongest Tender Engine
  • Anna Bentinck as Annie & Clarabel, Henrietta, Lady Hatt, Daisy The Beautiful Diesel Rail Car, The Refreshment Lady, Nancy, Emily The Beautiful Emerald Engine & The Teacher
  • Morweena Banks as The Storyteller & The Ffarquhar Stationmaster's Wife
  • Bob Saker as The Second Troublesome Truck, Jeremiah Jobling, Harold The Helicopter, The Railway Foreman, The Tailor, One Member of the Elsbridge Cricket Club, Bulstrode, Tom Tipper, The Inspector with the Bowler Hat, The Portly Man, The Mid Sodor Railway Manager, The First Lorry, Bert, The Fire Brigade, Tiger Moth's Pilot, Jack, Byron, Jack's Banksman, Cyril the Fogman, Harold's Pilot, The Coaling Plant Manager, The Dockyard Manager, One Member of the Railway Board & The Stout Band Member
  • Chris Lang as The 3rd Troublesome Truck, Headmaster Headings, The First Band Member & Dusty Miller
  • Eric Idle as The 4th Troublesome Truck, Daisy's Fitter, The Engine Inspector, Rheneas The Narrow Gauge Saddle Tank Engine, Stepney The Bluebell Engine, Stepney's Controller, The Elsbridge Cricket Club, The Smelter's Yard Manager, The Vet, Fergus The Railway Traction Engine & The Second Band Member
  • Lewis McCloud as The 6th Troublesome Truck, Donald & Douglas The Scottish Twin Engines, Oliver The Great Western Engine, Peter Sam The Friendly Narrow Gauge Saddle Tank Engine, Duncan The Grumpy Scottish Narrow Gauge Engine, The Lighthouse Keeper, Oliver The Big Excavator, Alfie, Arthur The Big Tank Engine, The 3rd Band Member & The Lord Callan
  • Martin Clunes as The 7th Troublesome Truck, The Spiteful Brake Van, The New Signalman, The Quarry-Master, The Painter, The Firelighter, The Special Visitor & The 4th Band Member
  • Bill Farmer with an Southern United States accents as Terence The Tractor, Farmer Finney, Trevor The Traction Engine, Jem Cole, Farmer Trotter, Old Bailey & Farmer McColl
  • Adrienne Posta as Mrs. Kyndley, Mavis The Diesel Engine, Caroline The Car, Dowager Hatt, Old Slow Coach, Mrs. Kyndley's Daughter, Elizabeth The Vintage Quarry Truck, Isobella & Allicia Botti
  • George Woolford as Stephen Hatt, The Little Boys & The Stone-Dropping Boys
  • Lily Snowden-Fine as Bridget Hatt
  • Richard Newman with an Southern United States accent as George The Steam Roller
  • Diego Brizzi with an Mexican Spanish accent as Champion the Bull
  • Richard Ridings as The 3rd Lorry & The 5th Band Member
  • Tara Mooney with an Irish accent as Miss Jenny Packard

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