The Robert Sedita Show is a classic children's television series based on Robert Sedita Senior since 1995. The series premiered on Treehouse TV in Canada and on Nick Jr. in the United States on October 31, 1999. The eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth seasons of the series premiered on October 31, 2016, and concluded on October 30, 2019, with the return/revival of Bobby's old classmates from GIS and the middle school. A twenty-first season premiered on October 31, 2019, with the CTECH program used in the morning, and Florida District all day instead of Minisink.

Plot Edit

The Robert Sedita Show is about real people; Bobby, a rambunctious and determined nineteen-year-old, and his favorite wonder woman Rebecca, a patient, goal-oriented, and sometimes restrictive eighteen-year-old).

Featuring the classmates of: Edit

Room 103Edit

  • Robert Sedita III - Florida
  • Nicholas Rivera - Florida
  • Rebecca Bravo - Newburgh
  • Michael Pawlak - Warwick
  • Patrick Casey - Greenwood Lake
  • AnnMarie Calone - Minisink
  • Fabianna Gamero - Highland Falls
  • David Montgomery - Warwick

Room 105Edit

  • TyriQue Stuckey - Washingtonville
  • Iesha Brown - Newburgh
  • James McKoy - Cornwall
  • Tyler Walko - Highland Falls
  • Kyle Barrett - Cornwall
  • Emily Alvira - Minisink

Room 101Edit

  • Adrian Acevedo - Middletown
  • Alana Martin - Newburgh
  • James Bell - 
  • Dylan Forker - Port Jervis
  • Luke Micallef - Warwick
  • Dalton Rudy - Warwick
  • Topanga Spears - Minisink
  • Samantha Perez - Middletown

Featuring the staff members of:Edit

Room 101Edit

  • Abigail Pineda
  • Michelle Stouber
  • Diane Casey
  • Cindy Kennet

Room 103Edit

  • Jaime Paddock
  • Alice Patterson

Room 105Edit

  • Heidi Hoffer
  • Caryl Melasky

Related ServiesEdit


  • Jane Pierce

Speech Services:Edit

  • Christina Dodson
  • Laurie Hulle

Occupational Therapy Services:Edit

  • Julie Chiarot
  • Donna Iorio

Physical Therapist:Edit

  • Dr. Bill (William Lynch)

Gym Teacher:Edit

  • Jon Ferdinandsen

Art Teacher:Edit

  • Michelle Burns

Music Teacher:Edit

  • Judith Tulloch


  • Jodie Maassen

Assistant Prinicpal:Edit

  • Kathleen Santiago


  • Lauren Rothermel
  • Robin Flores


The Robert Sedita Show is produced by Tell-Tale Productions in seasons 1–2, Big Tent Entertainment in seasons 3–9, Gordon 3000 Industries in seasons 10–21, Nick Jr. Productions in seasons 1–9, and Nickelodeon Productions in seasons 10–21.


Features replaced in season 15Edit

  • Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit replaced Windows XP Professional 32-bit on all OUBOCES computers.

Features replaced in season 19Edit

  • Nicholas Rivera from room 105 last year has been removed and has been moved to room 103 to be with Bobby.
  • Robin Barskey retired in this season and Jane Pierce from Goshen has replaced her and took over her place.

Features replaced in season 20Edit

  • Rebecca Bravo and Michael Pawlak from room 105 last year were removed and have been moved to room 103 with Bobby and Nick.
  • Patrick Casey and AnnMarie Calone from Ms. Pineda's room last year were removed and have been moved to room 103.
  • Windows 10 Education replaced Windows 7 Enterprise on all the OUBOCES computers.
  • Camille Brygidyr retired in this season and Jaime Paddock from Including Communities replaced her and took over her place.
  • Denise Davis retired in this season and Heidi Hoffer from the middle school replaced her and took over her place.
  • Bobby, Nick, James McKoy, Rebecca, Iesha, and TyriQue attend the CTEC program every afternoon, but in 2 different schools.
  • Bobby's classmate Donald Harring from preschool makes his surprise appearance in this season.
  • Fabianna Gamero, David Montgomery, Samantha Perez, Kyle Barrett, and Emily Alvira are the new students introduced in this season.

Features replaced in season 21Edit

  • Bobby Sedita has been retired from Minisink Satellite and will be going to Florida District and doing CTEC in the morning until 2021.
  • Rebecca Bravo, Nicholas Rivera, and Dylan Forker were retired from Minisink Satellite and are attending Including Communities until they graduate.
  • Kyle Barrett has retired from Minisink Satellite.
  • James McKoy now attends YAI off-campus program.
  • Tyler Walko from Off-Campus is attending CTEC in the afternoon with TyriQue and Iesha.
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