Silverwing is a 2003 Canadian animated television series based on the novel of the same name by Kenneth Oppel.

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Long ago before the first migration, the animals initiated the Great Battle to establish the balance of nature and the territory limits of every species. The birds and the beasts banished all bats into darkness for not choosing sides.

Shade, a young Silverwing and runt, defies the law by looking at the sun, which leads to a band of owls led by General Brutus to burn down their home, Treehaven, and forcing the colony to migrate early. Shade is blown off course and meets Marina, a Brightwing who was banded by humans, and they decide to travel together to find Shade's colony. Along the way, they make enemies in the forms of Goth and Throbb, two giant carnivorous and cannibalistic bats taken from the south who pursue them throughout the series, as well as allies, such as Brutus' timid son Orestes, Ursa the Kermode bear, and Romulus, a rat born with wing-like appendages.

Cast Edit

  • Bill Switzer as Shade
  • Sharon Alexander as Marina
  • Michael Dobson as Goth and Atlas
  • Richard Newman as Throbb and General Brutus
  • Pam Hyatt as Frieda
  • Richard Ian Cox as Orestes and Remus
  • Candus Churchill as Ursa
  • Shirley Millner as Bathsheba
  • Randall Carpenter as Ariel
  • Matt Hill as Chinook
  • Lee Hector as Lugar and Romulus
  • Lee Hector as Hector
  • Stevie Vallance as Breeze
  • Ian James Corlett as Scirocco
  • Randall Carpenter as Penelope

Awards Edit

  • 2004 Gemini Award for Best Original Music Score for a Dramatic Series (nominated)
  • Vancouver International Digital Festival for Interactive Design: Entertainment (nominated)

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