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Saving Hope is a Canadian supernatural medical drama television series set in the fictional Hope Zion Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. The show's premise originated with Malcolm MacRury and Morwyn Brebner, who are both credited as creators and executive producers. The pilot was filmed in Toronto. Saving Hope initially aired from June 7, 2012, to August 3, 2017, on CTV, and on NBC for its first season. During the course of the series, 85 episodes of Saving Hope aired over five seasons.

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  • Erica Durance as Dr. Alex Reid: At the start of the series, Chief Surgical Resident and Charlie Harris' fiancée.[1]
  • Michael Shanks as Dr. Charles "Charlie" Harris: Chief of Surgery, orthopedic surgeon, and Alex's fiancé.[2]
  • Daniel Gillies as Dr. Joel Goran: New orthopedic surgeon at Hope Zion and Alex's on-and-off boyfriend (seasons 1–3).[3]
  • Huse Madhavji as Dr. Shahir Hamza: Chief of Neurosurgery,[4] who is highly skilled but socially awkward due to his Asperger syndrome.[5]
  • Julia Taylor Ross as Dr. Maggie Lin: A third year surgical resident on rotation in the hospital's General Surgery department and then in the OB-GYN department.[6][7]
  • Kristopher Turner as Dr. Gavin Murphy: A psychiatry resident and Maggie's former boyfriend (seasons 1–2; recurring season 3).[8]
  • Wendy Crewson as Dr. Dana Kinney: Chief of Plastic Surgery, who is appointed Interim Chief of Surgery following Charlie's coma (seasons 1 & 4; recurring seasons 2, 3 & 5).

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