Redwall is a Canadian-British-French animated series produced by Canada-based Nelvana and France-based Alphanim and is based on the Redwall novels of Brian Jacques. The series currently spans three seasons, the first based on the first book Redwall, the second on Mattimeo and the third on Martin the Warrior. The series formerly aired on Teletoon in Canada, along with being independently distributed in the United States by American Public Television through public television stations.

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  • Tyrone Savage as Matthias
  • Alison Pill as Cornflower
  • Janet Wright as Constance
  • Chris Wiggins as Abbot Mortimer
  • Richard Binsley as Basil Stag Hare
  • Wayne Robson as Methuselah
  • Diego Matamoros as Cluny the Scourge
  • Susan Roman as Jess Squirrel
  • Graham Haley as Foremole
  • John Stocker as Brother Alf
  • Tracey Moore as Warbeak
  • Marian Day as Guosim
  • Bruce Dow as Log-a-Log
  • Julie Lemieux as Sela Vixen
  • Jonathan Wilson as Chickenhound
  • Uncredited as Wild Ivy
  • Lawrence Bayne as Fangburn and Kilconey

Mattimeo Edit

  • Tim Curry as Slagar the Cruel
  • Michael Seater as Mattimeo
  • Tyrone Savage as Matthias
  • Melissa McIntyre as Cornflower
  • Janet Wright as Constance
  • Jon Stocker as Abbot Mordalfus
  • Richard Binsley as Basil Stag Hare
  • Wayne Best as General Ironbeak
  • Susan Roman as Jess Squirrel
  • Graham Foley as Foremole
  • Tracey Moore as Warbeak Sparra
  • Bruce Dow as Log-a-Log
  • Catherine Disher as Winifred Otter

Martin the Warrior Edit

  • Amos Crawley as Martin
  • Lindsey Connell as Rose
  • Diego Matamoros as Badrang
  • John Stocker as Tramun Clogg
  • Graham Haley as Grumm
  • Ali Mukaddam as Felldoh
  • Luca Perlman as Brome
  • Tracey Moore as Queen Amballa

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