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Pepper Ann is an American animated series created by Sue Rose and aired on ABC. It debuted on September 13, 1997, and ended on November 18, 2000. It also aired on Toon Disney until 2008.

Cast Edit

  • Kathleen Wilhoite as Pepper Ann Pearson
  • Clea Lewis as Nicky Anais Little
  • Danny Cooksey as Milo Kamalani
  • Susan Tolsky as Janie Lilly Diggety
  • Pamella Segall as  Margaret Rose "Moose" Pearson 
  • April Winchell as Lydia Pearson / Ms. Stark
  • Cree Summer as Tessa & Vanessa James
  • Don Adams as Principal Hickey
  • Kath Soucie as Little / Ms. Little / Gina & Tina / Supermodel Mindy
  • Tino Insana as Jo Jo Diggety
  • Jeff Bennett as Dieter Lederhosen
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