Murphy Brown is an American television sitcom that was originally broadcast on CBS from November 14, 1988, to May 18, 1998, with a revival season which was premiered on September 27, 2018 and concluded on December 20, 2018. The series stars Candice Bergen, Grant Shaud, Faith Ford and Joe Regalbuto.

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  • Candice Bergen as Murphy Brown
  • Faith Ford as Corky Sherwood
  • Grant Shaud as Miles Silverberg
  • Joe Regalbuto as Frank Fontana
  • Jake McDorman as Avery Brown
  • Nik Dodani as Pat Patel
  • Tyne Daly as Phyllis
  • Adan Rocha as Miguel

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  • Charles Kimbrough as Jim Dial
  • Robert Pastorelli as Eldin Bernecky
  • Pat Corley as Phil
  • Lily Tomlin as Kay Carter-Sheply

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