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Looped is an animated television series produced by Neptoon Studios and DHX Media. It first premiered in Canada on Television and finally premiered on January 4, 2016, in Latin America on Cartoon Network and in the United Kingdom on CITV.[1]


It debuted August 22, 2016, in America on Cartoon Network.


The series revolves around the life and adventures of Luc and Theo, two best friends in the 8th Grade who get stuck in a time loop where every day is the same Monday. Since the events of that day are always the same, the two know what will happen where and when. They use this knowledge as an opportunity to do whatever they want, especially at school and/or what usually gets them in trouble.[2]


Season 1Edit

No. Title Written by Original air date
1a "Dodge This" Craig Martin August 22, 2016
1b "Theo Fly" Meghan Read August 22, 2016
2a "She's All Bot" Meghan Read August 22, 2016
2b "All Things Being Sequeled" Andrew Harrison August 22, 2016
3a "4 out of 5 Dentists Prefer the Loop" Amy Cate August 23, 2016
3b "Sickwich" Kyle Hart August 23, 2016
4a "There's a New Principal in Town" Shawn Kalb August 23, 2016
4b "Getted Smart" Andrew Harrison August 23, 2016
5a "Fart Busters" Craig Martin August 23, 2016
5b "Monster Stink" Meghan Read August 23, 2016
6a "Applecrab-dabra" Shawn Klab & Craig Martin August 24, 2016
6b "Monday Circles" Kyle Hart August 24, 2016
7a "The Replacements" Meghan Read August 24, 2016
7b "Luc at Me" Craig Martin August 25, 2016
8a "Loop it Forward" Evan Thaler Hickey August 25, 2016
8b "Chick Magnet" Josh Saltzman August 26, 2016
9a "The Gifted Class" Ben Joseph August 26, 2016
9b "Sooper Loopers" Craig Martin August 26, 2016
10a "Birthday Cake Island" Josh Saltzman August 27, 2016
10b "Zap's Day Off" Meghan Read August 27, 2016
11a "Port Fear" Evan Thaler Hickey August 27, 2016
11b "Jan-Itor-Nado" Ben Joseph August 27, 2016
12a "Baby Daddy" Alice Prodanu October 19, 2016
12b "Wizard of Wacker Maze" Meghan Read December 4, 2016
13a "11 Minutes to Lame" Alice Prodanou December 24, 2016
13b "Larping in the Loop" Craig Martin December 25, 2016

Season 2Edit

No. Title Written by Original air date
1a "Space Burrito" Kyle Hart December 31, 2016
1b "Ronnie Trasco" Josh Saltzman December 31, 2016
2a "Badmerton to the Bone" Evan Thaler Hickey January 3, 2017
2b "Loop - There It Is" Brad Birch & Craig Martin July 8, 2017
3a "Bald is Beautiful" Andrew Harrison July 9, 2017
3b "Nerdnesia" Josh Saltzman August 22, 2017
4a "Oiled Thunder" Craig Martin August 22, 2017
4b "Reverse Mermaid" Kyle Hart November 8, 2017
5a "Fallout Room Boy" Evan Thaler Hickey November 15, 2017
5b "Rocket to Tomorrow" Andrew Harrison November 15, 2017
6a "Re-Vamp" Craig Martin November 22, 2017
6b "Release the Krakenfoot" Brad Birch & Craig Martin November 22, 2017
7a "Ninjutsu for Beginners" Josh Saltzman November 29, 2017
7b "A Kyle in His Shoes" Brandon Birch January 6, 2018
8a "Moby Piranha" Evan Tahler Hickey June 4, 2018
8b "Loopy Loops" Kyle Hart June 15, 2018
9a "A Glitch in Time" Meghan Read November 16, 2018
9b "Out of Time" Craig Martin December 16, 2018
10a "Plight at the Museum" Evan Thaler Hickey December 23, 2018
10b "The Exciting Conclusion" Josh Saltzman December 23, 2018
11a "Power Plant" Andrew Harrison December 30, 2018
11b "Back in the Saddle" Craig Martin December 30, 2018
12a "Glitch Girl" Evan Thaler Hickey December 30, 2018
12b "A Fortuitous Future" Meghan Read December 30, 2018
13a "Part 1 of a Balanced Breakfast" Craig Martin January 1, 2019
13b "Part 2 of a Balanced Breakfast" Craig Martin January 1, 2019


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