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LoliRock is set in a kingdom called Ephedia, currently controlled by Gramorr. In the past, it was controlled by the king and queen, who are actually the parents of the main character (Iris), and who lost the throne when the evil sorcerer Gramorr took over. However, when he tries seizing the Queen's Crown, he was trapped by magic in the throne room, and the Crown protected itself in a crystal pillar.

A few years after the conquest, Iris is already a dreamy teenager with a beautiful voice and attends high school. Iris's life changes dramatically when she discovers that girl band LoliRock is auditioning for a new lead singer. She then decided she should participate in the audition. As soon as she starts singing, she is surrounded by the glow of a thousand magical lights! Little did she know that the stars of LoliRock, Talia and Auriana, were searching for the ultimate princess who was missing for the group, which came to be the Iris itself.

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