Littlest Pet Shop is a Canadian–American children's animated television series developed by Julie McNally-Cahill and Tim Cahill for Hasbro Studios. Based on the Littlest Pet Shop and Blythe toys owned by Hasbro, the show follows Blythe Baxter, a teenage girl who, after moving into an apartment in a metropolitan area, gains the ability to communicate with animals. Located below her apartment is the eponymous pet store where Blythe works and talks to a group of pets who regularly reside at a day care in the shop. Worried that a corrupt rival business will drive their shop out of business, the pets depend on Blythe to drive business into the store with her pet fashion designs.

The show debuted on Saturday, November 10, 2012, and ran for four seasons and 104 episodes. Littlest Pet Shop is produced by Hasbro Studios and DHX Media. Animated using Flash, completion of a single episode takes roughly one year, with several in production at once. The show was criticised for its embedded marketing, while reviewers have given praise to the writing and characters. Several crew members have additionally received accolades for their work on the show. The series finale aired on Saturday, June 4, 2016

Cast Edit

  • Ashleigh Ball as Blythe Baxter
  • Samuel Vincent as Russell Ferguson
  • Peter New as Sunil Nevla
  • Kyle Rideout as Vinnie Terrio
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Pepper Clark
  • Kira Tozer as Minka Mark
  • Nicole Oliver as Zoe Trent
  • Jocelyne Loewen as Penny Ling
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