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"In the City of Los Angeles, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important, groups: the police, who investigate crime; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories."

Law & Order: LA (originally Law & Order: Los Angeles) is the fifth spin-off of Law & Order.

On May 15, 2011, NBC canceled Law & Order: LA after one season.

Main Cast and CharactersEdit

Image Actor Character Seasons
Rex Winter3 Skeet Ulrich Detective
Rex Winters
Season 1
Molinaicon3 Alfred Molina Deputy District Attorney/Detective
Ricardo Morales
Season 1
Tjicon3 Corey Stoll Detective
Tomas "TJ" Jaruszalski
Season 1
Rachelicon3 Rachel Ticotin Lieutenant
Arleen Gonzales
Season 1
Jonahd3 Terrence Howard Deputy District Attorney
Jonah "Joe" Dekker
Season 1
DeLaGarzaicon3 Alana De La Garza Deputy District Attorney
Consuela "Connie" Rubirosa
Season 1
Reginaicon3 Regina Hall Deputy District Attorney
Evelyn Price
Season 1
Meganicon3 Megan Boone Deputy District Attorney
Lauren Stanton
Season 1


Season 1 (22 episodes)Edit

Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
La0101 1.01 (#1)
When a group of thieves target the homes of young Hollywood, Detectives Rex Winters and Tomas "TJ" Jaruszalski soon discover there is more to the crimes than meets the eye. September 29, 2010
La0102 1.02 (#2)
Echo Park
When murderous cult member "Baby" Jane Lee Rayburn is found stabbed to death, Detectives Rex Winters and Tomas "TJ" Jaruszalski question multiple suspects. October 6, 2010
La0103 1.03 (#3)
Harbor City
When former surf champion Trevor Knight returns home to help his ailing mother, it ultimately results in his untimely death. October 13, 2010
La0104 1.04 (#4)
When two innocent children are killed in an accidental meth lab explosion, Detectives Rex Winters and Tomas "TJ" Jaruszalski track down the dealer's family. October 20, 2010
La0105 1.05 (#5)
After a pregnant Rebecca Townley is found run over and left for dead, the detectives learn that the baby's father may be a married politician, and the crime a homicide. November 3, 2010
La0106 1.06 (#6)
Hondo Field
After a night out partying with his co-workers, oil rig worker Freddy Ramirez is found dead along the shore. November 10, 2010
La0107 1.07 (#7)
Ballona Creek
When Department of Public Works employee Don Heller is found stabbed to death, the detectives suspect those responsible are the gang bangers he encountered earlier that day. November 17, 2010
La0108 1.08 (#8)
Playa Vista
When pro golfer Kristin Halstead turns up murdered, Detectives Rex Winters and Tomas "TJ" Jaruszalski quickly discover clues leading them to married pro golfer Chip Jarrow. December 1, 2010
La0109 1.09 (#9)
Zuma Canyon
When a normal quincea├▒era erupts in violence, leaving multiple people dead, the detectives work quickly to follow a lead. April 11, 2011
La0110 1.10 (#10)
Silver Lake
Don Alvin's quiet life is destroyed when an intruder ambushes he and his family in their home, killing his wife and son. April 11, 2011
La0111 1.11 (#11)
East Pasadena
After a high-speed car chase comes to an abrupt end, police officers are shocked to discover a woman's dead body, but no driver. April 18, 2011
La0112 1.12 (#12)
Benedict Canyon
When successful Hollywood stylist Lily Walker is gunned down while driving, the seemingly random murder sends shockwaves throughout the city. April 25, 2011
La0113 1.13 (#13)
When a bank robber hands a teller a photo of her kidnapped son, she quickly hands over the money in order to save his life. May 2, 2011
La0114 1.14 (#14)
Runyon Canyon
When pre-med freshman Beth Garrett is found strangled to death, a mysterious text leads the detectives to a potential suspect. May 9, 2011
La0115 1.15 (#15)
Hayden Tract
When a crazed gunman open fires during a rally with State Senator Celeste Kelman, seven innocent people are killed including the Senator. May 16, 2011
La0116 1.16 (#16)
Big Rock Mesa
When a destructive wildfire suddenly rips through the hills of Malibu, arson is immediately suspected. May 23, 2011
La0117 1.17 (#17)
Angel's Knoll
Following a heated argument with his cousin, casino worker George Patrick is found brutally murdered in his hotel bathtub. May 25, 2011
La0118 1.18 (#18)
Plummer Park
When cops are called to the home of Nick and Amy Libergal, they are surprised to discover two Russian men armed with guns and Nick dead in his bathtub. May 30, 2011
La0119 1.19 (#19)
Carthay Circle
When Kim Ho Lee is found dead by a neighbor, the detectives suspect her live-in boyfriend of murder until they stumble upon his dead body. June 6, 2011
La0120 1.20 (#20)
El Sereno
When a horrific mass murder occurs at a primarily Hispanic office, the detectives immediately begin investigating the remaining employees, as well as their clients. June 20, 2011
La0121 1.21 (#21)
Van Nuys
A birthday party turns into a horrific scene after all of the guests are beaten to death by some uninvited visitors. June 27, 2011
La0122 1.22 (#22)
When Javier Gomez is found dead at UCLA, the detectives learn that protecting his sister Malia, a star soccer player, may have lead to his murder. July 11, 2011
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