Hotel Transylvania: The Series is an animated horror comedy television series produced by Sony Pictures Animation and Nelvana in association with Corus Entertainment. It is based on and serves as a prequel to the 2012 film Hotel Transylvania, taking place four years before the events of the first film, focusing on the teenage years of Mavis and her friends at the Hotel Transylvania. The first season, consisting of 26 episodes, premiered on June 25, 2017, on Disney Channel in the United States, and October 2, 2017 on Teletoon.

Plot Edit

The series takes place four years before the film and follows Mavis & her friends as they have fun adventures at the Hotel Transylvania.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

  • Bryn McAuley as Mavis
  • Evany Rosen as Wendy Blob
  • Gage Munroe as Hank N Stein
  • Joseph Motiki as Pedro
  • Dan Chameroy as Aunt Lydia
  • David Berni as Dracula

Supporting Edit

  • Paul Braunstein as Frank
  • Scott McCord as Quasimodo
  • Patrick McKenna as Uncle Gene
  • Carter Hayden as Klaus