First Responders Live will provide a raw, in-depth look at the brave American heroes, including firefighters, police officers, EMS technicians and first responders, who put their own lives on the line as they race into danger to save others. Each week, the show will embed cameras in multiple cities across the country, to document a night in the life of these units. Emmy Award-winning television journalist Josh Elliott will provide live analysis and commentary, with help from a team of experts, as the show follows first-person accounts of the action.


Image Actor Character Seasons
Josh Elliott Host Season 1


  • Dick Wolf as Executive Producer
  • Rasha Drachkovitch as Executive Producer
  • James Breen as Executive Producer
  • Tom Thayer as Executive Producer
  • John Ferracane as Co-Executive Producer
  • Robyn Younie as Co-Executive Producer


Season 1 (13 episodes)Edit

First Responders Live season 1 premiered on June 12, 2019 and concluded on September 10, 2019 on FOX.

Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
FRL0101 1.01 (#1)
Episode 101
Engine 60 responds to a structure fire in Pierce County, WA. An ATV chase leads to a life-threatening crash and a toddler may have consumed a detergent pod with dangerous chemicals in Baton Rouge, LA. June 12, 2019
FRL0102 1.02 (#2)
Episode 102
Box-in method successfully used to end high-speed chase in Lake County, IN. Police respond to report of car vs train incident in Charleston, SC. and Austin EMS respond to go-kart crash at +40 mph. June 19, 2019
FRL0103 1.03 (#3)
Episode 103
SWAT team searches drug den for narcotics in Lake County, IN. Police from Charleston, SC are arresting suspect with warrant. Paramedic Ariel Miclat is on her way to a multi-house fire in Yonkers, NY. June 26, 2019
FRL0104 1.04 (#4)
Episode 104
Gunshot victims rush to ambulance in Baton Rouge, LA. Firefighters respond after shots fired at officers in Kansas City in a botched robbery. Car crashes into side of house in Charleston, SC. July 10, 2019
FRL0105 1.05 (#5)
Episode 105
Police conduct raid for second suspect in Xbox murder case in Lake County, IN. Young child sustained head injury after falling in Austin, TX. Firefighters rush to vehicle on fire in Kansas City, KS. July 17, 2019
FRL0106 1.06 (#6)
Episode 106
Man run over by train while trying to cross tracks in Baton Rouge, LA. Jaws of life used in vehicle extrication in Pierce County, WA. Police apprehended suspect after foot pursuit in Charleston, SC. July 24, 2019
FRL0107 1.07 (#7)
Episode 107
Vehicle engulfed in flames on major highway in Lake County, IN. Construction worker seriously injured after falling through roof in Pierce County, WA. Reports of multi-vehicle accident in Kansas City. July 31, 2019
FRL0108 1.08 (#8)
Episode 108
Fire team works to extinguish a structure fire in Kansas City. Paramedics respond to a man suffering irregular heartbeat in Baton Rouge, LA. Fire team stabilizes patient hit in head by tree in Pierce County, WA. August 6, 2019
FRL0109 1.09 (#9)
Episode 109
In Charleston County, SC. police pursue a vehicle for reckless driving, search for a suspect wanted in FL and TX on multiple charges and respond to a hit-and-run accident involving an injured road worker. August 13, 2019
FRL0110 1.10 (#10)
Episode 110
Car engulfed in flames after crashing into the woods and a wildlife rescue team responds to reports of an alligator on the loose in Charleston, SC. Six children involved in car crash in Kansas City, KS. August 20, 2019
FRL0111 1.11 (#11)
Episode 111
Fire crew work to extinguish brush fire at a campsite in Pierce County, WA. Paramedic Jamiel on the scene of a car in a tree in Yonkers, NY. Burglary suspect's gun recovered from woods in Charleston, SC. August 27, 2019
FRL0112 1.12 (#12)
Episode 112
Two suspects detained after gun found in car and paramedics respond to multi-vehicle crash with injury in Baton Rouge, LA. Engine 18 rushes to a burning vehicle in Kansas City, KS. September 3, 2019
FRL0113 1.13 (#13)
Episode 113
Paramedics respond to a man with a bloody face wound in Baton Rouge, LA. Firefighters respond to car crash outside of the fire station in Kansas City. Patient has 106 degree fever in Pierce County, WA. September 10, 2019


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