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Conviction was a television drama series from NBC that premiered in March, 2006. It focused on a group of young, up-and-coming Assistant District Attorneys. The series took place in the same continuity as the other Law & Order series, but focused more on the lives of the characters, unlike the other crime- and trial-based series, so its title did not include "Law & Order".

Main Cast and CharactersEdit

Image Actor Character
Stephanie March Stephanie March Bureau Chief
Alexandra Cabot
Anson Mount Anson Mount Deputy Bureau Chief
Jim Steele
Eric Balfour Eric Balfour]] Assistant District Attorney
Brian Peluso
J. August Richards J. August Richards Assistant District Attorney
Billy Desmond
Milena Govich Milena Govich Assistant District Attorney
Jessica Rossi
Julianne Nicholson Julianne Nicholson Assistant District Attorney
Christina Finn
Jordan Bridges Jordan Bridges Assistant District Attorney
Nick Potter


Season 1 (13 episodes)Edit

Image Episode # Title Original Airdate
Conviction0101 1.01 (#1) "Pilot" March 3, 2006
Conviction0102 1.02 (#2) "Denial" March 10, 2006
Conviction0103 1.03 (#3) "Breakup" March 17, 2006
Conviction0104 1.04 (#4) "Indebted" March 24, 2006
Conviction0105 1.05 (#5) "Savasana" March 31, 2006
Conviction0106 1.06 (#6) "Madness" April 7, 2006
Conviction0107 1.07 (#7) "True Love" April 11, 2006
Conviction0108 1.08 (#8) "Downhill" April 14, 2006
Conviction0109 1.09 (#9) "The Wall" April 28, 2006
Conviction0110 1.10 (#10) "Deliverance" May 5, 2006
Conviction0111 1.11 (#11) "Indiscretion" May 12, 2006
Conviction0112 1.12 (#12) "180.80" May 19, 2006
Conviction0113 1.13 (#13) "Hostage" May 19, 2006
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