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Set in a unique universe at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), suave master spy Sterling Archer deals with global espionage, a domineering, hypersexual, late middle aged mother/boss Malory Archer, his agent ex-girlfriend Lana Kane, and a less-than-masculine code name—"Duchess." It was supposedly chosen at random by the agency's ISIS mainframe computer but in fact is the name of his mother's deceased dog, of which she has a disturbingly erotic photograph with herself similar to the Rolling Stone cover with John Lennon and Yoko Ono in bed. On the surface, Sterling Archer is a classy, devilishly-handsome spy reminiscent of James Bond. He is skilled in "improvised" combat and Krav Maga, as well as small firearms, Scuba diving and "Honey Pot" (blackmail through seduction).

Cast Edit

  • H. Jon Benjamin - Sterling Archer
  • Jessica Walter - Malory Archer
  • Aisha Tyler - Lana Kane
  • Amber Nash - Pamela Poovey
  • Lucky Yates - Dr. Algernop Krieger
  • Chris Parnell - Cyril Figgis
  • Judy Greer - Cheryl Tunt

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