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64 Zoo Lane Is The American children's cartoon created by author An Vrombaut. The series was produced by Millimages S.A., Zoo Lane Productions. The series premiered in 1999. There is one English version, one being an American version by Lobster Films. The American US voice actors are awesome and good to be anywhere online.

Cast Edit

  • Ciara Janson with an American accent as Lucy
  • Dian Perry as Lucy's Mother & Georgina the Giraffe
  • Lewis McCloud as Boris the Bear, Ribbit the Australian Frog, Jimmy the Kangaroo, The 3rd Kangaroo Triplet, Mr. Platypus, The 4th Blue Hippopotamus, Zed the Zebra, Harry the Hyena, The Tic Tic Bird, Leopoldo the Llama, The 3rd Green Frog, William the Weaver Bird, Gary the Dromedary, Eddie the Hippopotamus, The 3rd Australian Parrot, Lewis the Puffin, Casper the Chameleon, The 4th Parrot & Cousin Chuckles the Monkey
  • Lorelei King as Giggles the Monkey
  • Emma Tate as Tickles the Monkey
  • Anna Bentinck as Molly the Hippopotamus, Julie the Kangaroo, Henrietta the Hairy Hippopotamus, The Second Little Blue Hippo Calf, The Second Elephant Calf, Phoebe the Koala, Beverly the Beaver, Maribelle the Flamingo, Patsy the Porcupine, Jamie the Littlest Puffin, Rosie the Rhinoceros, Holly the Hyena Pup, The 3rd Parrot & Annie the Anaconda
  • Keith Wickham as Nelson the Elephant, Reginald the Lion, Victor the Crocodile, Joey the Kangaroo, The Second Kangaroo Triplet, King Snake, Sidney the Seal, The First Blue Hippopotamus, Dennis the Dromedary, Fuzzy the Jungle Spider, Herbert the Warthog, Ronald the Rhinoceros, Adam the Armadillo, Alan the Aardvark, The Second Green Frog, Seamus the Stork, Wally the Wombat, The Sleeping Snake, Slide the Python, Thomas the Puffin, Johnnie the Hyena Pup, Granddad Chameleon, The Dessert Parrots, The 5th Parrot & The Overweight Parrot
  • Megg Nicol as Nathalie the Antelope & Audrey the Ostrich
  • Bob Saker as The Snip Snip Bird, Toby the Tortoise, The First Kangaroo Triplet, Elvis the Kangaroo, Snowbert the Polar Bear, The Second Blue Hippopotamus, The 3rd Blue Hippopotamus, Duddley the Sloth, Doctor Gordon Gorilla, The First Green Frog, The Australian Snail, The First Australian Parrot, Hercule Mustache, The Second Parrot, Taco the Toucan & Itchy Quatzel the Mysterious Mountain
  • Dan Russell as The African Snake, Kevin the Crocodile, The Tic Tic Bird (singing), Jazz the Jaguar, William the Weaver Bird (humming and scatting), Randolph the Raccoon & The Second Australian Parrot
  • Adrienne Posta as Doris the Duck, Janet the Kangaroo, Janice the Kangaroo, The First Little Blue Hippo Calf, The First Elephant Calf, Pauline the Pelican, Isabel the Flamingo, Melanie the Moose, Esmeralda the Snake, Annabelle the Flamingo, Sharon the Puffin, Edna the Hyena, The Dessert Parrots, Petula the Parrot & The First Parrot
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